Free Distribution Against the Carnage
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I object to the nations that are headed towards carnage while ignoring international law and I also object to the Japanese government, who neglecting their Constitution collaborates with that nation.

Since the 9.11 incident in the U.S., we have witnessed the carnage of thousands of innocent people who were killed under their "justice". Its momentum is now building for a war with Iraq without an effort to keep peace as a possibility. And the Japanese nation is going to be an accomplice to them. To oppose this, I am distributing music files to the people of the world who share the same opinion: to never allow this carnage.

Individually people against the war have different motives and different positions. However, I do not care who downloads my music. In front of the imminent tragedy, I only hope that my music is being used as a simple tool to keep and encourage our intention of objecting to the war.

Of course I do not expect that my music will be able to move everyone's mind but I wish my music could be a small trigger for other musicians who I don't know and others in different fields.Therefore, I decided the best way I know how is to offer this download of music.

Susumu Hirasawa

Free MP3s against the war:

1. High-Minded Castle
(A song about a man in a severe sentiment.Although he can not know the truth and true background through media, he tries to face the real tragedy on the other side of the world.)

2. Love Song [Year 2003 Version]
(A song about children in the battlefield.)

Lyrics here









平沢 進



2:Love Song [2003年バージョン]



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