What is The Interactive Live Show?


"The Interactive Live Show" is a

multimedia live concert that was begun to perform by Susumu Hirasawa in 1994. It is an absolutely new entertainment in the world.
 Audience's will is reflected one after another through the intermediary of a computer.Between Hirasawa and the audience, there is a huge lucent screen is set the front on the stage. Translunary CG and video movies that synchronised with the stage scene are projected upon the screen. The audience can see as if Hirasawa is in a fantastic image world. The show goes on a story with several break points. At the each point, the various interfaces appear and the story goes to depend on which direction the audience chooses

The show that goes on conversing with audience and Hirasawa by way of real-time CG on the screen is would be said a magnificent Role-Playing Game Concert.



Various Interfaces

*Voice Sensor
A basic interface. It catches acclamation and visualises the sound level as a graph on the screen. When the graph reaches to a certain level, the show will start or a directive door in CG will open.
*Light Sensor
As a substitute for acclamation, the direction is decided upon actinometry of "camera flash" which the audience bring on. An applicative event of that had been done before. For choosing the direction, the audience with their "mirrors" caught laser ray irradiated from the stage, and returned the reflection to the Light Sensor set on the stage.
*Balloon Trigger
An application of the Light Sensor. A weather balloon is thrown to auditorium where the laser beams netted over the hall. When the beams are intercepted, a sampler linked the Light Sensor will make sounds. So the audience pass the balloon to each other for playing music.
A wearable musical instrument developed by YAMAHA. It makes sounds along with wearer's movement. The output sounds gear to CG on the screen.
*Tubular Hertz
An original instrument developed by Hirasawa. It is the device to play a sampling machine. Some iron pipes are juxtaposed like a pipe organ. The pipes are engaged with an electronic keyboard. It also gears to the Voice Sensor, and energy is charged according as an acclamation level.


In 1998, the experimental live show 'WORLD CELL' was put on. It actualised a new event let home audience in on the show. Using the Internet, they did "bridge-building" on the screen in the concert hall.
In process of the show, there were several points that you reached cliffs. Between the way to the cliff and the next one, the home audience who were named 'Bridge Guild to Relieve' commanded "bridge-building" to the computer in the hall via the Internet. The commanded computer by the Guilders built the bridges gradually. During the show, those scenes had been projected on the screen in the hall.
When the bridge reached the farther shore with no accident, the story proceeded to the next. Moreover, the Guilders chose the shore, in the right or left, and competed which side reached first. Then the story went on to the faster side.